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Christ Quake FAILS. NOT!

By November 11, 201219 Comments

The Christ Quake did not meet its goal on Kickstarter, and so was not funded there. But over 800 generous souls pledged to help make the film! a tremendous encouragement! I am confident the film will be made, and you will have another opportunity to help make it. I love the idea that the Body of Christ can throw collective energy behind this new film. It’s simply wonderful that so many can have a personal involvement. The internet enables this fantastic new means of empowering you guys, who might otherwise never have the opportunity to help make a film.

If you would like to contribute to making The Christ Quake, please send an email to so that we have a way to communicate with you quickly when we decide on next steps.

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  • Karyn Mansen says:

    Please add me to your email of wannabe backers for The Christ Quake 🙂


    Karyn Mansen

  • Jane N says:

    I hope you still go ahead with raising the money needed to get the film done. I will still honour my pledge when an alternate way is arranged. Let me know. I pray God Blesses all those involved with getting this film done. Your film of The Star showed His Good Providence is remarkable with the right thing at the right time. God Bless you & all who are assisting you.

  • Daniel says:

    Yahushua led me hear about 2 years ago and back here today I believe he resurrected on the Sabbeth now due to increased klowlege of the hebrew calander Michael Rood of A rood awakening , discovery of the ark of the covenant ron wyatt Chuck missler testimoney praise YAHOVAH

    • David says:

      Christ died on Friday as the preparation drew on and was dead for 3 days reckoned in the Jewish inclusive time where any part if a day = 1 day. Thus, Friday, Sabbath, and Sunday = 3 days, then He rose on the 3rd day, Sunday.

      He tested in the grave all day on Sabbath in accordance with the 4th commandment…just as Christ rested the 7th day in Eden after the amazing work of creation, He rested in Joseph’s tomb after the amazing work of redemption at Calvary.

      This shows us the importance God Himself places on the Sabbath.

  • Steve Strickland says:

    I have watched “The Star of Bethlehem at least 10 times and shared it with small groups. Each showing presents more and more knowledge. I love it. Giving thanks to Steven McEveety doesn’t seem large enough. I would love to contribute what I can when the next project gets underway. The past election tells me that God allows bad leaders for us to learn from. The learning started 4 years ago and has 4 more to go. What is God’s purpose in having nobama as our president? I believe we must watch and listen for the signs of God’s message. We are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. Steven was challenged in his way just as we will be in our ways this time. The lessons are there if we only just look for them.
    God bless you Steven and all that you have done and are doing.

    • FA Larson says:

      You might have meant your comments for Rick Larson, rather than my buddy Stephen. If you would like to be kept up-to-date on the project, Christ Quake, send an email to That will put you on the update email list.

  • Steve Koschella says:

    Hello Rick. Never mind that this project was not successfully funded through Kickstarter. Here’s what I believe God is saying about this:

    “You have made a documentary about how I established the heavens in the beginning to declare my glory, taking care to put everything intricately in it’s place so that there would be no doubt that I was the founder and establisher of all creation. You desired to give glory to my name through this project, and indeed my name has been glorified.

    I want you to have faith that what I command I will provide for. If I can speak all creation into existence, can I not find the funds to fully and adequately fund this new project that is on your heart?

    Have faith and proceed, and you will see that I am indeed a miracle working God in bringing about this project also.”

    You are totally free to judge whether you believe this is indeed a word from God or not. But I am prepared to still back the project with the pledge I made on Kickstart. Indeed, if it had been that easy, would God have been so greatly glorified as when he leads you step by step and provides for you just as you need, when you need? It might be that the story of the making of this new documentary will be also a powerful testimony of the provision of God, as the documentary itself is about the absolute reliability of the scriptures.

    In Christ,


    • FA Larson says:

      I’m not even slightly discouraged by the result at kickstarter! in fact, I’m awed that over 800 people put their money where their heart is! it’s just a matter of His timing. If you would like to be kept up-to-date on progress of Quake, send an email to That will put you on the email list for updates.

  • Frances says:

    We’ll help.

  • Dori Lloyd says:

    Indie-gogo is the way to do it! You get to keep whatever is pledged, and there is no goal you *have* to reach.

    • FA Larson says:

      You’ll be happy when we unveil the new Christ Quake site this week!

      • Joel Whitehead says:

        Hi Rick,

        I just discovered your Star work about a week ago when someone talked about it. I got the video and WOW is this incredible.

        Now I see this whole Christ Quake thing. What is this about, in a nutshell? What is the address of the site you just launched? I cannot wait to see what this is about!

        In Christ,

        Joel Whitehead
        Yakima, WA

  • Carrie Freeman says:

    We have passed on The Star to many of our friends . We have also wondered what you were going to do next. I have often wondered if all that you learned about the signs surrounding His birth and crucifixion would lead you to delve into the signs foretold about His return and the Last Day and how that fits in with the odd weather, natural disasters, etc. that are happening now on our earth. Nevertheless, we anticipate many will be blessed with whatever quest He leads you on!

    • FA Larson says:

      Fun to hear from you, Carrie! My current project is geophysical. Please send any email to to be put on the email update list. You can also visit to learn a little bit about what is going on.

  • David Cucovatz says:

    Quick question not meant to be an attack but an inquiry. The Star of Bethlehem was an amazing video and the evidence God led you to find is truly amazing. I know that I have personally purchased about 20 copies to give to family and friends. In fact I am down to my last one so I will probably be buying another round soon. That being said it seems to me that you have had success with the Star of Bethlehem project. Are you using some/all of that money to help fund the Christ Quake? If so and you still need $300,000 minus what you have raised what makes this film so costly?

    • FA Larson says:

      No worries. Not perceived as an attack. When I made the Star DVD, I was a nobody. In order to get distribution I made the necessary deals. I still believe they were the right decisions at the time. But, when you are a no one, all the other players in the story take a very large cut. So, regrettably, the success of my first film did not provide the kind of funding needed to make the next.

      You might not realize that you have never seen a movie at the theater that did not have a budget of tens of millions of dollars. $350,000 is chump change in the realm of quality film. The reason I can produce the film so inexpensively is that I am the Producer, I am a cheapskate, and I am not working within the Hollywood system. Even with a midget budget, the first film has reached, conservatively, 100 million viewers. I am hoping, earnestly praying, that the Lord will enable a similar response to this film, despite the tiny budget.

  • Carl Unger says:

    Hi……….anything going on?

    Thanks, Carl

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