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Learn about the Star that announced the birth of Christ

What was the star that appeared in the sky more than 2,000 years ago and directed the Magi to undertake a massive journey of faith? Discover how modern technology uncovers the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem.

A comprehensive study grounded in Scripture

Part 1:
Setting the Stage

What happens if we combine current historical scholarship, astronomical fact and an open mind?

Part 2:
The Starry Dance

A process of elimination examines meteors, comets, novae and planets as candidates.

Part 3: The Day of the Cross

If the Almighty did orchestrate these signs, then we are seeing more than stars in the skies.

What Does This Mean?

Signs in the sky at His birth. Signs in the sky at the crucifixion. What do these things mean?

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The Earthquake and the Son of God

The Earthquake and the Son of God is filmed on location in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea and examines the geological evidence surrounding the earthquake that shook Israel on the day of Christ’s crucifixion.

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The God of Heaven and Earth, as seen in theaters

Get your own personal copy of this remarkable film, God of Heaven and Earth as seen in theaters.  Watch with your family at any time.  Includes all movies and bonus content from both The Star of Bethlehem Revealed as well as The Earthquake and the Son of God.

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What do you believe?

Essentials of the Christian Faith

Are you new to the Christian faith? Or exploring what Christianity is all about? Are you experiencing the full potential of your relationship with God? This remarkable 7-part study by Rick Larson, creator of The Star of Bethlehem film, gives an in-depth understanding of the primary elements of the Christian faith.