THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM FASCINATES. For millennia, believers, scoffers and the curious have wondered at the Biblical account of the Star. The Bible recounts unusual, or even impossible astronomical events at Christ’s birth. For many doubters, the account of the Star is easily dismissed as myth. For many believers, it’s a mystery accepted on faith. But what happens if we combine current historical scholarship, astronomical fact and an open mind? Judge for yourself…

Why are we hearing this now?

A look at three reasons why this information has only recently gained clarity and understanding.

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The stars and the Bible

What the Bible says about stars and how it compares to other astronomical viewpoints.

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The nine points of Christ’s star

The nine qualities which must be present before any celestial phenomena could be considered to be the Biblical Star of Bethlehem.

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What was the star?

Knowing the qualifications, we can now disqualify most astronomical phenomena as being the Star.

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