THERE IS YET MORE TO THE DANCE. THERE IS AN ENDING. And not a pleasant one. If Biblical clues have led us to the sky of Messiah’s birth, they now lead to a celestial dirge floating over Jerusalem. The bookends of a life. If the Almighty did orchestrate these signs of Messiah’s coming and those at his death, then we are seeing more than stars in the skies. We are seeing a poetry of terrible beauty, of silent awe…

Dating the crucifixion

How can we be sure when the crucifixion took place?

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Pilate and Sejanus

A dark tale of intrigue from the imperial court in Rome gives us the next part of the puzzle.

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Daniel’s prophecy

Centuries before Christ, a young Jew of great faith was taken prisoner to Babylon. He was given one of the Bible’s most specific prophecies.

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Peter’s argument

During a near riot in Jerusalem, the apostle Peter provided a startling piece of evidence.

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The celestial dirge

Kepler’s equations indicate that the moon rose blood red, fulfilling Joel’s vision. What actually happened?

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