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The NEW Star site!

By October 9, 201210 Comments

We’re delighted to have the new Star site online! There are plenty of wrinkles to iron. Part of the tech age. If you spot a problem on the site: broken links, functions that don’t work, etc., please comment. Your comments will help us get everything up to speed so that this site can be a research resource for the world (FREE! …to everyone but me… I pay the bills from my own pocket, so that you can visit freely…)

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  • Kimberly says:

    Thank you for all you are doing to lift up the Son and glorify God. Thank you for sharing your research and discovery with the world. This is truly one of the most awe-inspiring works I have ever been exposed to and I delight in sharing this with our children. We as a family are eagerly looking forward to your newest film. We have followed your updates on Facebook with eager anticipation. Thank you for enduring the pain and the struggle through your therapy. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for enduring all the works of the Evil one who wants to kill, steal, and destroy you as you threaten the gates of Hell with the Truth about that glorious first Christmas. How can we help contribute to your effort?

  • Steve Faucette says:

    I have been watching the Star dvd every year now around Christmas time. I am alway enriched in my faith and awed by our wonderful Father in heaven when the whole story is broken down. I originally was interested in the stars with D James Kennedys book The real meaning of the zodiac. When i started to see the constelations in the sky for myself they took on a different meaning! Just wondering if you have been down under yet. It would be wonderful to have such a high quality presentation here!

  • Wayne Starkey says:

    a wonderful dvd very moving. thank you for all you have done.

  • Nerine Goldie says:

    Ihave enjoyed your Star of Bethlehem for the 2nd year in a row now and will never delete the recording. I am in awe and the tears flow. Thank you for doing what God clearly intended for you to do.
    I am just wondering if you have your own studies on what Nostradamus saw 500 yrs ago and what is to happen on the 21st of Dec (Friday coming)?
    Kind regards, Nerine

    • FA Larson says:

      Please check the FAQ. And please buy a copy of the DVD! We need the proceeds to continue with current projects. I hope you will enjoy The Christ Quake. Send any email to to join the update list.



  • Evelyn L. Green says:

    I loved the film have watched it numerous times, only one suggestion, please add captions as some of have trouble hearing. It is a fantastic adventure and making one realise the order of God’s universe. If He has set the stars in order how much more will He do for His child? I needed to be reminded again. Thank you

    • FA Larson says:

      Good news! All currently available DVDs are closed-captioned in English, and subtitled in Spanish. You will need to figure out how to turn on the captions with your hardware and software, but you can, indeed, read along with the presentation.

  • David Johnson says:

    I envision a presentation from God’s view of the constellations, obviously done through animation.
    It would give a spectacular view as men viewed it like God intended before electricity
    came into being and we quit reading the skies on a nightly basis.

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