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By October 12, 20123 Comments

HUGE NEWS!! Many of you love the Star DVD. Many of you want to see more engaging factual research based on scripture. Well, then, LET’S MAKE ANOTHER FILM! And this time YOU can a part of the team that makes it!

Head over the Kickstarter right now for a preview of the new film. And please send all of your friends to the Kickstarter page, as well. Post on your Facebook page, send to your email list, tell your church! We have 30 days to do or die. Help us make an awesome film!!

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  • Robert M Daniel says:

    Regarding earthquakes at the time of the crucifixion, please look at Ron Wyatt’s work on the Ark of the Covenant and how the Blood of Christ found its way from the Cross of Christ through the earthquake fault onto the Mercy Seat hidden in a cavern below. Only God Himself could arrange a miracle like this. For us, this picked up where the Star of Bethlehem left off.

    Robert & Janet Daniel

  • Jules says:

    The pious tradition is that the blood of Christ found its way from the cross of Christ down to the skull of Adam hidden in a cavern below. Golgotha is Hebrew for “Place of the Skull. It is said that Christ was crucified at preciseIy the same place where Adam was buried. In both Eastern and Western iconography, depictions of the Crucifixion show Adam’s skull in the earth below the cross with the blood of Christ dripping down on it. We are thus reminded that the first Adam lost Paradise through the tree from which he wrongIy partook; Christ is the new Adam, bringing us salvation and paradise through the tree of the Cross.

  • David says:

    I’m very much aware of Ron Wyatt’s discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and it all makes perfect sense. Very AWESOME!

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