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Ain’t About You

By May 2, 20143 Comments

I think it was Monday, and here comes the ego meat. Might not sound tasty, but it was a bloody raw feast for pride. I’m starving that guy, so I didn’t take the bait. But there it was. Wrapped up in an email. Dripping. She wrote: “Still can’t believe I talked with you on the phone today! I recognized your voice when you started talking, and I couldn’t believe it then either!”

So, what’s the problem? The problem is that I am not confused, and I am NOT a celebrity. Pride has NO PLACE in what I do. I’m just an ORDINARY guy like you who tries to say yes. Whenever I can discern His leading, which is too difficult and infrequent.

But you and I are lucky—the Lord seems habitually to choose the wrong people for His work. I’m not an astronomer, so He had me make a film about the Star of Bethlehem. I’m not a geophysicist, so He has me piecing the puzzle of “The Christ Quake” He triggered at the cross.

I wish I were expert at following Him. I have only my experience. But it seems the more one says yes, the more surprising is life. Your skill set is NOT the bottom line—you’ll be amazed what He will do through you. Decide UP FRONT you’re going to say yes whatever He asks. A kind of trusting recklessness. He may ask some crazy stuff. But for a life of spiritual adventure, this is not unpracticed advice: go to your knees, say yes in advance, and kiss your comfort zone goodbye.

Pray with me?

“Father, how can we give assent to what we don’t know? It frightens to sign on before you part the curtains. We don’t do it for others. But we seek to serve, and we see your pattern in scripture. Obvious choices are scarce in your plans. Grant courage to say yes to you. Truly to trust. Speak clearly to us, so that we hear. When we don’t listen, smack us with a 2×4. Gently. We do NOT want to miss your leading. Tell us again. Use us. We ask it in the name of Jesus, our example of total, radical courage and trust, amen.”


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  • Catherine Zoller says:

    You have no idea how much I needed to read your words this morning. “Whenever I can discern His leading which is too difficult and infrequent.” This has been my complaint to the Lord. I want to hear Him, I ask to draw close, I cry out with all my heart, but too often hear only silence. Still, I trust He is leading. It just all seems so frustratingly vague at times! It helps to know others feel the same way.

  • Tammy perkins says:

    Do you continue to study the sun, moon, and stars for signs and wonders? Tuesday morning I was leaving my home for prayer at my local church and in the eastern sky above the horizon was a extremely bright light. I took out my phone and used an app to find that the light was uranis. At least, that is what the app told me. It has been almost three years ago that I sensed the Lord say to me to watch the sky and the nature of the earth. I believe that in each of our lives things come into it purposely orchestrated by God in His timing. So to come upon your video as I searched for evidence to more of what God is leading me to. I say yes to the Lord, and again as you have said the leading seems in a way mysterious. I continue to declare that I believe God’s Word and that He opens my eyes, ears, and heart to receive His Truth. I do not want nothing else. No mixture of falsehood. Nada. None. In so speaking, if you are studying today’s sky, what are you finding? And if you are not, I say you should…
    Thank you for your perseverance in The Lord. In Jesus name. Amen.

  • James Oliver says:

    Rick . You are doing just fine . You have done well not to take as you said any particular side , but chose to puzzle it through and use Scripture to give the clues and the answers just always come out . My only advice is to follow your Heart .God lives and works through your Heart . If what you are doing gives you the joy and the rewards of bringing things to light for ALL to see , Hallalu Yah ! Go for it ! Go for it for you and for those of us who cannot ! Your style of investigative journalism is priceless . We need it . Don’t worry , you are not starting a church , but ministering to ALL is ministering to the church . The whole world needs to see this !

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