Sunday, Star presentation in Atlanta
Monday, another in Georgia
Tuesday, 4-hour lecture to Halliburton execs
Wednesday, Star Presentation in Richmond
Thursday, breathe?
Friday, Star presentation in Houston
Next week, San Jose, and on it goes…

A difficult joy! My pain is amplified by negotiating airports, security checks, folding into airplane seats (I’m 6’6’’), doing presentations, sleeping in hotels (6’6’’), standing for long lectures, etc.

If you have time, will you pray with me?

“Father, doesn’t matter how tall Jesus was. We know he walked tens of miles in a day. We know He taught thousands until all were hungry. We know He led others until he sought solitude. We know He fought to fulfill His purpose. And we know that He endured pain we dare not imagine. He did it with grace. He did it for us. Lord, help us bear our infirmities and challenges as did Lord Jesus. Help us push forward, relentless in tasks you give. Help us press through whatever the obstacle, always serving others, always calling to you as we go! We ask these things in Jesus’ name, amen!”