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Every Tribe and Tongue

By December 5, 201216 Comments

From the beginning, I perceived the Star Project as international in scope—this was part of the original vision. So, what a delight after all these years to realize that in addition to the millions who’ve seen the DVD broadcast worldwide, the physical DVD itself is also being shown around the world. Countries like East Timor, Chile, China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Britain, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, New Guinea, Russia and on and on. What a complete joy!

If you have time, will you pray with me?

“Father, you truly love the people you have made! Thank you for your loving nature, and that you shared your Son with ALL of us! We are filled with joy to join 100’s of millions of your people from every nation as we all celebrate HIM worldwide during this blessed time of year! We thank you that you are moving worldwide to bring in a harvest for yourself, and we ask for more! Lord, we ask for the nations! In the name of our precious Savior, amen!”

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  • Douglas Agnor says:

    Peace to you!
    Say, I’ve tried to connect with you using your email address from last year.
    We would like to get “The Bethlehem Star” done in Russian. I mailed you the translation earlier.
    We have a studio that can do the work for about 400US We will glady pick up the cost. We just need your permission and the files to do it.

    Is this possible?
    Please advise.
    We were really hoping to have the disc done by this Christmas Jan 7.

    Douglas Agnor

    • FA Larson says:

      Doug, we are trying extremely hard to enable online translations of the website. Doing a language dub of the DVD is so expensive that it has not become a priority. It costs about $10,000 to remaster DVD for a new language. It also causes many logistic problems in the retail chain, such as having a new product code, stocking codes for retailers, et cetera.

      My partner Mower Pictures, has control over how the Star is marketed in foreign-language countries. They will ask me how you intend to distribute the DVD. Do you intend to sell it at retail? Give it away? These questions need answers before we proceed.

      I’m asking you these questions, because I know I will be asked by Mpower.



  • Brett Deason says:

    firstly I was greatly blessed by your research, really wonderful. Secondly I would really like to see something about the Noah Flood. Just last night I was watching a National Geographic show about the Mayan prophecies and something just screamed out at me. The secular researchers in this program were discovering how approx 5200 years ago the Mayan calander started with a massive flood and they showed how ice cores and other magnetic orientations in rocks show that there was a major climatic event 5200 years ago, the same time the Mayans calander started. They were saying how this great flood must have been what influenced the Mayans culture and that formed the basis of their beliefs and society. I was watching it thinking – it was the NOAH FLOOD – they found evidence of the NOAH FLOOD and the Mayans society was obviously greatly impacted by this flood. It was obviously a secular program, so they had no knowledge of the Noah flood, I just wish someone would correctly research and present the truth about Noahs flood and evidence to back it up.

    Anyway I really encourage you to keep pushing ahead with your work, its of great worth and value and we need good teachers like yourself to present the truth in a world full of distractions and choices. God bless you!

  • Roberto says:

    Doctor Larson:
    Writing from Panamá city, Republic of Panamá.
    My pastor last week gave me the DVD to watch it. I am very much move to review more details about your research and motivate to see how God is activating his church all over the world.
    God bless you.

    Class of 87

  • Becky Costanzo says:

    Just got the “Star” as a birthday gift-have been wanting it ever since seeing it on TV last Christmas. Our family watched it last night and my husband, my 3 young adult sons and one daughter-in-law all found it exciting and faith building. It is wonderful to contemplate a universe created with such precision that pictures and stories can appear in the heavens at exact moments to speak to us about its Creator! Mind blowing! Thanks for this great faith building video!!

  • Karen Endsley says:

    I just received your DVD…..WOW what a blessing……Thanks

    Also, here is a link to NASA Science News that I just received by email that I thought
    you might find interesting……On December 25, 2012, Jupiter and the Moon are going
    to be super close and they are saying that everyone will be able to see it without a
    telescope……they are advertising it as a light show……I would be interested to know
    if you think that there is any significance in regard to your research ie Bethlehem Star.

    Also, when will your research “The Christ Quake be available?

    God Bless, Karen

    • FA Larson says:

      The Christ Quake research is ongoing, but the making of the film is dependent upon funding. Please visit and consider prepurchasing DVDs to help fund the film!

  • Karen Endsley says:

    Well……I forgot to add the link…….Here it is

  • Carol says:

    Greetings Rick! I purchased multiple copies of The Star and have “passed them on” over the years. This week the topic came up with a new friend. She’ll be receiving her copy next Tuesday. 🙂 Then…I came across the below referenced article and decided to check up on you…see what you were up to. So exicited to hear that you’ve got a new project! Below is the referenced article…not sure if you’re interested or not…just thought I’d pass it on: “Later this year, Comet ISON will pass through the asteroid belt, enter the Inner Solar System and sidestep Mars on its way past Earth, putting on what scientists expect will be a spectacular heavenly show that is not to be missed. Astronomers are calling it the comet of the century.” ->

  • Philip Cox says:

    I have seen a circular from John Hagee minstires about the coming blood red moons and the solar eclipse that NASA has calculated will appear in 2014-2015. Have you seen John Hagee’s DVD series or looked into these coming events and what they may mean?

    • FA Larson says:

      Have not seen Hagee’s DVD. But the go-to guy on the tetrads is Mark Biltz. He first discovered and published on this. So you might want to visit his site for insight.

      • Kylar says:

        Mr. Larson, I just watched your video. Is it possible that the coming blood moons herald something about the end times?

        • FA Larson says:

          Absolutely! Mark Biltz is the expert on this, but it looks as though I am going to need to develop expertise as well. Stay tuned.

  • Sheila Cathcart says:

    I have seen this about 5or 6 times now and I STILL get goose-bumps. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this! It’s almost more than the mind can take in. The wonder and glory of our God is so revealed by this film. What a blessing you have given millions on Earth. May God bless you and keep you and continue to give you insight for future projects. Can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  • Frank Stratford says:

    My church want to show this DVD as an outreach to our community, I tried using the contact form but no answer. Are we able to/have permission to do this? I have no idea on numbers, it may be up to 100 or 200 people. Our church is Evangelical Community Church in Blackburn Victoria, Australia.

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