From the beginning, I perceived the Star Project as international in scope—this was part of the original vision. So, what a delight after all these years to realize that in addition to the millions who’ve seen the DVD broadcast worldwide, the physical DVD itself is also being shown around the world. Countries like East Timor, Chile, China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Britain, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, New Guinea, Russia and on and on. What a complete joy!

If you have time, will you pray with me?

“Father, you truly love the people you have made! Thank you for your loving nature, and that you shared your Son with ALL of us! We are filled with joy to join 100’s of millions of your people from every nation as we all celebrate HIM worldwide during this blessed time of year! We thank you that you are moving worldwide to bring in a harvest for yourself, and we ask for more! Lord, we ask for the nations! In the name of our precious Savior, amen!”