Christ Quake released

by Webmaster

We’re pleased to announce the release of the latest film from Mite Production. The Christ Quake is a comprehensive look at the biblical account of the earthquake that shook Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion. Filmed on location in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, the film takes you on a journey with Rick Larson […]

Ain’t About You

by FA Larson

I think it was Monday, and here comes the ego meat. Might not sound tasty, but it was a bloody raw feast for pride. I’m starving that guy, so I didn’t take the bait. But there it was. Wrapped up in an email. Dripping. She wrote: “Still can’t believe I talked with you on the […]

Support the NEW Research!

by FA Larson

My current research is geophysical. Visit to learn about it, watch the teaser and help us crowd – fund the project! You can help the next film happen!

Every Tribe and Tongue

by FA Larson

From the beginning, I perceived the Star Project as international in scope—this was part of the original vision. So, what a delight after all these years to realize that in addition to the millions who’ve seen the DVD broadcast worldwide, the physical DVD itself is also being shown around the world. Countries like East Timor, […]

Uh oh. Tough week.

by FA Larson

Sunday, Star presentation in Atlanta Monday, another in Georgia Tuesday, 4-hour lecture to Halliburton execs Wednesday, Star Presentation in Richmond Thursday, breathe? Friday, Star presentation in Houston Next week, San Jose, and on it goes… A difficult joy! My pain is amplified by negotiating airports, security checks, folding into airplane seats (I’m 6’6’’), doing presentations, […]

Christ Quake FAILS. NOT!

by FA Larson

The Christ Quake did not meet its goal on Kickstarter, and so was not funded there. But over 800 generous souls pledged to help make the film! a tremendous encouragement! I am confident the film will be made, and you will have another opportunity to help make it. I love the idea that the Body […]


by FA Larson

HUGE NEWS!! Many of you love the Star DVD. Many of you want to see more engaging factual research based on scripture. Well, then, LET’S MAKE ANOTHER FILM! And this time YOU can a part of the team that makes it! Head over the Kickstarter right now for a preview of the new film. And […]

The NEW Star site!

by FA Larson

We’re delighted to have the new Star site online! There are plenty of wrinkles to iron. Part of the tech age. If you spot a problem on the site: broken links, functions that don’t work, etc., please comment. Your comments will help us get everything up to speed so that this site can be a […]

We’ll be on Kickstarter!

by FA Larson

Great news! We’re hard at work on another film! This project is geophysical, and just as exciting as the Star! You can see a preview of the film by visiting our Kickstarter page. Watch this space! We’ll post the URL in less than week. Enjoy!